Artistic interventions in organisations

Artistic intervention is an original form of guidance to organisations wishing to encourage creativity, self development, disruptive thinking, new interactions with a view to making their organisation more effective and productive, better equipped to confront challenges, inspired by increased solidarity and better working conditions.

The concept of artistic intervention is based on the idea that artists have skills to foster innovation in people. Innovations are sparked off by challenging old ideas and practices and trying out new ones. They require courage and creativity, as well as space for experimentation and reflection. Organisations of all kinds can consciously develop their innovative potential by strategically tapping into wellsprings of knowledge outside their established frame of reference and experimenting with creative practices.

Inviting artists to intervene in organisations (businesses, public institutions, social organisations) is one of the most direct ways of stimulating innovative thinking and experimentation. Artists are skilled in engaging people’s creativity and they can disrupt the established routines, mindsets and management processes, thereby opening space for fresh ways of thinking and acting. Working with artists can help organisations to re-assess themselves with new eyes and to question what they do, how they do it and why they do it.